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I wouldn’t be writing about him if he hadn’t got my attention. He looked astounded by my openness and the questions I kept asking, and probably the detailed information I was giving; I’m sure of that, yes.

He was young; he seemed about his late 20s. He had neatly arranged white teeth with one of the front teeth a bit longer than the rest. I couldn’t smell him; I should change that habit, but I wanted to smell him so bad. Damn this AC! But his control of the English grammar and the way he pronounced words compensated for that.

He had his Samsung S3 charging on the table in the corner of the room. Wait, that isn’t so relevant but well, he uses a smart phone.

“You haven’t told me anything yet. You’ve written a full page about me but told me nothing”. He smiled at what he heard, looked at me for a split second, buried his head in my hospital folder, and sighed with an adorable smile. He began tracing the tip of his pen on the lines he’d written on, “everything here is about you. Whatever response you give to the questions I ask, I write them. Now, some of them are positives and some are what we call the necessary negatives”.

“Ok, so what do you think the problem is? The doctors always never say anything besides referring us to the pharmacy for the prescribed drugs and sometimes saying, “Oh it’s nothing, just malaria, and you will be fine.”

“I’m writing a referral letter to the physician on your appointment next week; I’m just a general doctor, he’s a specialist”

“After seeing him, will I come back so you attend to me again?”

He smiles showing his lovely teeth again.

“Would you want to see me?”

Certainly I’d want to see him again. The doctor I saw the previous week was cheeky and couldn’t wait to attend to the next patient. I wanted to see Doctor who? I should’ve asked his name; I had a moment, when he mentioned my name in full the second time and surprisingly asked if I’d already turned 24.

Between last night and now, he’s been Samuel, Jonathan, Akwesi, Leonard and Joseph to me.  



In growing up, I used to be very shy about the gap in between my front teeth. I was very quiet, more or less reserved and smiled without my teeth… Often in pictures too.

I remember sometime back, a really close friend at the time asked if I could seal the gap so I look prettier. Then I thought, what if I wore retainers to seal that gap and my jaw bone and smile change totally? I wouldn’t want to get used to a whole different me-new-look. Naturally, I considered that option whenever I saw others with neatly arranged teeth.

Then it dawned on me, I got two (2) reasons to embrace my teeth. Firstly, I need no toothpick after a powerful meal… Secondly, the gap in between my front teeth makes me talk the way I do… Most importantly, it’s MY UNIQUENESS.

How can I tell God he went wrong with creating me? And oh! I am the one to make it right, huh? Who becomes God now?

Embrace your look and rock it!!!

If you’re dark, light-skinned, mulatto, embrace your natural self whenever you look into the mirror. You are beautiful how you are. If others can’t see it, it’s because you aren’t seeing it too.

When you see that beauty, you see God’s beauty and you make him happy. When you see otherwise, then you’re probably that one person to challenge God’s creation.

You’re beautiful… Yes, especially you.