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It’s 04:23 and I’m thinking, if I had the chance to save your life before you lost it, I will. I’m thinking about you.

The sharp piercings of pain prickles my senses to the core when you think yourself worthless. My heart practically breaks every moment you feel you were never made for this. You were.

You see, I have problems too. The elephant is failure-prone to the ant… yeah! We’re never safe until we feel we are. But you are; you are safe.

I know this because I believe in you. Wait… you thought no one did? [Sigh!]

Did you come unto this earth by freewill? Why would you choose to exit out how you didn’t come? Don’t do that.

You are valuable, your being, I need you. I need you to read this to inspire me… inspire another. I need you to comment on this and tell me you get it, so I know I’m valuable too, only because you are. That’s your value to me now.

If you’d passed me a note telling me you’d want to kill yourself, end it all, I’ll tear the same page of my book, write same, then pass you a note too. Let’s see how that works out for both of us.

You’ve no idea how valuable a treasure you are.



She wasn’t my friend, rather a friend’s friend, but it hit me so hard as if she was my sister. I was hurt. I was angry. I still am.

Suicide doesn’t kill, it’s sadness and depression and the thought that all hope is lost. But how would I know a friend is depressed when she wears a smile everyday and asks to copy the latest movie series? How would I know when she’s defensive about her Facebook statuses not being a projection of her true state of mind?

God, I pray, if there’s something I might’ve said to someone or perhaps something I’m not saying, have mercy and keep them alive. I don’t want to lose my friends, not this way… Having them to take their own lives!!!

It would surprise you what causes an individual to take his own life. As wrong as it is, let’s not be judgmental. Let us rather reflect on our lives and figure out how to keep those we have to prevent such tragedy from occurring.

The heart is a delicate organ. It is the heart that loves, not the mind. It is the heart that can break, not the mind. Yet, it’s unfair how the mind can make such a decision when it sees the heart in such condition. It is unfair.

You should never be too busy to listen. You can never be that clean to point her as immensely flawed. Be there for her. Listen to him.

Your smile can save a life. Your ‘hello’ can save a life. Your prayer can heal a soul, eternally.