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Right is fixed
Wrong is fixed
To bend what’s fixed
You’ll have to bend right
Why bend wrong
When you want to bend what’s fixed
Why bend what’s right wrongly



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Feeling great in your outfits
Smiling at yourself in the mirror
Cos you look good
Yet smile fading in a moment
Cos you don’t look that good
You look like you don’t pray


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Friendship is value. If you don’t have a friend or friends, you’re not just alone but lonely as well. That makes you have a sad lonely life… Not cool.

We’ve walked with several people at some points in our lives;

some genuine… Not so genuine,

some givers… Others, takers,

some angels… Others, devils,

But some came to stay, and some, we want to stay.

Dedo Sarah is an amazing friend and I love her.

That previous paragraph though… Looks like a nice way to conclude this little write up but one more thing;

She isn’t the best woman I’ve known, but she’s shown me love. She can be demanding at times but she’s just being a woman. Her smile is adorable, her sense of humor is uncommon, talk of our coded languages and eye contacts… But yeah, she is an amazing friend i wouldn’t want to lose.

I call her Ms. D.


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My addiction is free

      Bought without a price

      Not even a gift I could pride


      All phases where life’s hard

      These phases hit me so hard 


      I turn to your face 

      And you laugh…


      Yes, she was all I had

      She never laughed

      She never scorned

      She just calmed me down

      She calmed my heart down

      The heart that I couldn’t guard

      The heart that broke when the phases hit me hard

      That heart still beats today

      But not in your faces

      Neither hard in these phase

      Of life

      ‘I won’t let her go

      I can not let her go

      I will not let go

      Of that which gave me pleasure when you stared in my

      With blame

      With scorn

      She is here to stay

      She is a part of me today’, I said

      She was a part of me till today

      Possessed my lungs

      Possessed my kidneys

      Possessed anything that could make me live freely

      There, I knew she had to go

      I had to let her go

      I had to let her be…