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I wouldn’t be writing about him if he hadn’t got my attention. He looked astounded by my openness and the questions I kept asking, and probably the detailed information I was giving; I’m sure of that, yes.

He was young; he seemed about his late 20s. He had neatly arranged white teeth with one of the front teeth a bit longer than the rest. I couldn’t smell him; I should change that habit, but I wanted to smell him so bad. Damn this AC! But his control of the English grammar and the way he pronounced words compensated for that.

He had his Samsung S3 charging on the table in the corner of the room. Wait, that isn’t so relevant but well, he uses a smart phone.

“You haven’t told me anything yet. You’ve written a full page about me but told me nothing”. He smiled at what he heard, looked at me for a split second, buried his head in my hospital folder, and sighed with an adorable smile. He began tracing the tip of his pen on the lines he’d written on, “everything here is about you. Whatever response you give to the questions I ask, I write them. Now, some of them are positives and some are what we call the necessary negatives”.

“Ok, so what do you think the problem is? The doctors always never say anything besides referring us to the pharmacy for the prescribed drugs and sometimes saying, “Oh it’s nothing, just malaria, and you will be fine.”

“I’m writing a referral letter to the physician on your appointment next week; I’m just a general doctor, he’s a specialist”

“After seeing him, will I come back so you attend to me again?”

He smiles showing his lovely teeth again.

“Would you want to see me?”

Certainly I’d want to see him again. The doctor I saw the previous week was cheeky and couldn’t wait to attend to the next patient. I wanted to see Doctor who? I should’ve asked his name; I had a moment, when he mentioned my name in full the second time and surprisingly asked if I’d already turned 24.

Between last night and now, he’s been Samuel, Jonathan, Akwesi, Leonard and Joseph to me.  


Her breasts were her own
To see, to weigh, to handle
Not long before
I came along
I saw, I weighed, I handled

I’m grown
My perky breasts are my own
Her fallen breasts once I handled
Tell mine they’ll fall when I’m old

Photo Credit : Geoffrey Buta
Poem By: Miz Akwele


Roses are red
Violets are blue
You never understood why they’re blue
But I still love you

You’ve seen my wrongs
The flaws even I can’t recall
How can I let you go now?
But I still love you

I’ll be a mom
You make me wanna be a mom

You made it happen
I will
Make it happen, too.

Photo Credit: Bob Pixels Photography (Ghana)


I’ve been deliberating on writing about you for sometime now. Wait, not you, me, us; our encounter.

Thing is, if I write about it, you’ll read it.

Truth is, if you read it, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want you to read it.

My secrets are my burden, but I feel light now. Maybe too light now.

Then again, I won’t write about it.


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I could tear up for no reason
At this moment
I have no control
But just this moment
Feeling confused about how I feel
But certain it’s just for a moment

Uncertain about when my moment will come
I search deep for a reason to cry
Deliberately? No
Naturally? Yes
But certain it’s just for a moment

Tears climbing up my chest
I can feel the energy, strong energy
‘Unbearable’, says the bearer of this energy
But certain it’s just for a moment

Everyone else seems a bother
Everything else, annoying
But certain it’s just a moment

Now is the moment, I know…

It was
Until the breath of debris from yesterday’s meals brushed my face aiming straight through my nostrils when she asked, ‘are you ok?’

…I knew I missed that moment
But I’d rather this than that