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The proliferation of fashion designers, stylists, makeup artists, models and photographers has been on a rather quick rise and thriving in the fashion and style industry. Nothing seems to be overrated neither is anything underrated; your style is your own.


Papa Oppong is one of Ghana’s pride in the Fashion and Arts Industry. For a young man who fuses fashion with arts, there is bound to be an exhibition of youthful energy, exuberance and swag in his works.



Holison Adiku is one of the photographers who captions my soul; that isn’t an exaggeration.

Having experienced him on the job, I’ll conclude undeniably that Holison is one aesthetic and humble individual. He sees the finished product the moment he clicks for that shot.

More importantly, the model’s attitude and mood matters equally to him as his perfect setting. The last previous shoot I captioned The Classic Experience, we had a sweet feast before the shoot because I mentioned I was hungry. That meant a lot to me.

I admire his passion and zeal for the art. He does it so well and I wish everyone else knew him the way I do.

Here are a few shots from The Classic Experience:



IMG-20150216-WA0001Connect to Photographer on — Facebook : Holison Concept  — 500px : Holison Adiku