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Mother gave me attitude today. Well, the day’s not ended yet. Mother’s giving me attitude today.


I’m only moving back to Darkuman, Accra, but will visit home on weekends, mostly, whenever I can; maybe I’ve been by her side so long, what other reason is there? Hah!

I love this woman.

When she starts displaying her love via this ‘attitude’, I find it adorable.

“You know you’ll miss me, right?”, she’ll say, countless times today. Hah! She actually did say that too many times today that it got sad at a point.

This afternoon, right when I psyched up for a nap, she called me to help her out in the kitchen; “chop these onions for me. I’ll make an unforgettable Octopus stew so the next time you’re leaving, you’ll say ‘that stew you made the day before I left home…'”

In the end, she was right. Mother is always right. The Octopus stew we made, which she took all the credit for, was undeniably unforgettable. Period.


Now, about tomorrow, I’ve got some real dirty job to do, literall, cleaning my apartment, I mean. And I’ve already got the flu.


  1. Nii Mantse III says:

    I feel your mum, I guess most mums give “attitude” when their babies take
    Grown up decisions from time to time…oh and the octopus stew u made, I haven’t forgotten. 😉

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