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I have friends who’re of the view that I’m a foodie; thing is, why be lackadaisical about that significant item that satisfies my system and even better, appeals to my mental and emotional state?

Ever been so thirsty for some chilled fruit juice, then have it gulped down your throat the next moment? Ecstatic!

Ever been so hungry at lunchtime in a seemingly unending corporate meeting? Frustrating!

Luckily, I’m not allergic to any type of food, but Jollof… Jollof touches every fibre of my being. Jollof is all there is that gets my attention. If a man is to ask me out on a date only to cook me Jollof, he’s definitely got my attention.

I’ll tell you about Jollof another day, and even demonstrate how I cook it. For the meantime, food in general, is necessary.

Healthy food.

Junk food.

Fruits, vegetables.

All is food. For the Vegan who’s ardently selective about food, I must congratulate you. I can’t be that disciplined in this aspect, probably because I’m curious about foods.

Then there’s the local food. I find local foods healthy and well, local. Haha. Banku, Fufu, Dzidzi (Face the Wall), groundnut soup, palmnut soup, okro soup, garden eggs stew, yam, plantain among the rest. My favourite local food umm… Well, Jollof stands above them all.

Life is short, eat and be happy, eat and be healthy. No long thing.

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